Local experts warn of new computer scam

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Some of you may have gotten calls from people who claim they can help you get rid of a computer virus. The Better Business Bureau says it's a scam and the best thing to do is just hang up.

The head of the BBB even got a call at home from a scammer offering to help clean up a virus on his computer. Of course he knew better and hung up. He says the problem is people are falling for it and it's costing some of them a lot of money.

Kathy Birr is the Director of Dispute Resolution for the BBB, "They gain your trust and scare you and convince you that there is a problem and they need to fix it fast."

The caller claims to be from technical support from companies like Microsoft, Apple or Lenovo. Of course those companies don't monitor home computers but not everyone knows that.

Dick Eppstein is the head of the local Better Business Bureau, "It is not Microsoft, it is not it support, nobody monitors your computer, that's nonsense. 90% of us hang up on them but 10% may fall for it and they make a lot of money doing this."

Birr says the caller claiming to help you, instead installs viruses in your computer or steals personal information or money from your bank account, "The caller on the other end instructs you to type in a series of key strokes or letters and numbers and then unbeknownst to the victim that gives the hacker access to the computer."

Eppstein says whether or not you receive one of these calls there are some simple things you can do to protect your information..for starters change your passwords, "make sure you have virus protection and that you keep it updated."