Local home school co-op is hoping to expand

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When you think of home schooling, you probably imagine students who spend all their time at home, but that is often not the case.God's Lighthouse works with dozens of students at a school in Erie, Michigan. In fact, the school is growing so quickly they're planning to expand.

The school has been open for about 6 years but they've already outgrown their current space. It will take about a quarter of a million dollars to make their dream of a new building come true but they are well on their way to making that happen.

Dozens of home school students spend their school time away from home at God's Lighthouse. It's a faith based, home school co-op.
Some of the students are there because they were bullied in school or they were the bully. Some also had academic issues,but school leaders say they are all thriving in this environment.

Leeann Herrera is a senior,"Everybody here, we all love each other as if we were family so any hardships anyone has we all go through it together and that's what I really love about this school."

Micah Hoffman is a volunteer teacher,"A lot of people think of home schooling kids not getting to interact with other kids but here we create an environment where they not only interact with teachers but other students their age."

The curriculum includes academics and extracurricular activities and the kids have a chance to expand their learning horizons beyond the basics.

Mayra Leitner is the Principal, "We offer core classes like English, science, math and history and things like word building. We also teach American sign language, Japanese, French and Spanish."

When it comes to grades Leitner says the students have an impressive record, "All of our students range from 3.8 To 4.3 In their grade point average."

The students range in age from 3 up through the late teens. Leitner says the goal is to teach them life lessons as well, "We tell parents when children come to the school the first thing we focus on is character. Once character changes everything after that changes. When kids feel loved and they are getting the attention they need it pushes them to excel."

Most of the people helping them excel are volunteer teachers like Hoffman,"Seeing the kids act on what you've taught them is a feeling you can't express in any words."

God's Lighthouse is holding a Spaghetti dinner Friday to help raise money for a new building. It is from 6-9pm at the Aria Banquet Hall on Telegraph Road in Toledo.

To learn more about the school or the fundraiser call (734) 863-1335 or click on the link we've provided.