Lucas County DART Team saves Heroin Addicts Life

Toledo, Ohio The Lucas County Drug Abuse Response Team is being credited with helping to save the lives of Heroin Addicts in Northwest Ohio. The task force was put together just over a year ago by Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp in response to the record number of heroin deaths in Lucas County.

12 full-time and 2 part-time officers are dedicated to working with heroin addicts and their families. The goal is to get them into detox and treatment in an effort to help them recover from addiction. 13ABC talked to one of the recovering heroin addicts helped by the DART team members. "Emily" credits the program with helping get her into detox and long term treatment. She admits the DART members helped save her life.

Tuesday, Promedica donated 15-thousand dollars to help support the work of the DART team.