Man with knife tasered by Port Clinton police

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PORT CLINTON (13abc Action News) - Dramatic new video shows a man being tasered by police.

It happened Wednesday evening at the Lakeview Estates apartment complex in Port Clinton, and it was all captured by security camera.

Officers say Bradley Weinheimer was walking through the buildings with a knife, which he refused to drop.

When Weinheimer walked into a parking lot, the video shows uniformed officers chasing after him and drawing their tasers.

The suspect does not appear to drop the knife, prompting police to taser him.

He then dramatically falls to the pavement.

Police posted the video to Facebook, along with the explanation behind the tasering itself.

Weinheimer was later taken to the hospital, checked out and released.

He is currently in the Ottawa County Detention Facility, facing several felony charges of Aggravated Menacing, Harassment with a Bodily Substance and Vandalism to a Port Clinton Police Cruiser.