McKinley Elementary students learn about gun safety

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Police are teaching young students what to do if they come across a gun.

Students at McKinley elementary school took a break from learning common core. Instead they learned what to do if they find a gun.

"You see the gun you stop, don't touch, run away and we tell an adult," said Toledo Police officer Joe Okos.

Toledo police are teaching kids about gun safety with a program designed by the National Rifle Association. It's called Eddie Eagle Gun Safety. The cartoon captured students' attention. This teacher says education is the best way to save lives.

"There's a lot of guns in our city. A lot of accidental shootings. The kids are very interested in guns with the video games they are playing at home. So it's a very beneficial program," said McKinley teachers Bernice Palus.

The officers even did some role playing. They told this student to scream at the gun.

"Gun shoot somebody? Why isn't it doing that? Because nobody touched it? Because nobody touched it! Outstanding and that's what we are going to teach you today," said Officer Okos.

Alyssa Hayes now knows

"That guns are dangerous and I'm going to tell them why they are dangerous," said student Alyssa Hayes.

The officers gave the teacher a homework assignment. They left this toy guy with her and told her to hide it.

"I'm definitely going to hide that gun somewhere maybe on Friday during free time and see what happens," said Palus.

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