Miller Ferry will stay open until the ice develops

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CATAWBA ISLAND (13abc Action News) - The Miller Ferry will start its extended schedule later this week for the winter season. Officials with the ferry service, that provides transportation to and from the Lake Erie islands, say they will continue to operate until weather and ice forces them to stop, and that could be a while.

There is a miniature construction boom in Put-In-Bay. Two 20 unit condo projects are being built along with a 32 unit hotel, and it all depends on the ferry to get the materials from the mainland to the islands. However, the clock is ticking before big ice and storms shut down the ferry line this winter, so both islanders and construction crews are taking advantage of the nice weather now by getting supplies over to the island.

The lake temperature is in the middle 40s which is about 8 degrees warmer than this time last year. The warmer temperatures combined with a warm winter outlook mean it could be a while before the ice does form on Lake Erie and the ice season could be shorter than the past 2 years. While that is good for business for Miller Ferries, that could be bad news for ice fisherman.

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