Ohio mayors rally for Hillary Clinton on bus tour

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The Ohio Cities are Stronger Together' Bus Tour started in Dayton. Then it traveled through Cincinnati, Springfield, Lima and other Ohio cities before making its way to Toledo on Wednesday.

Mayors from across Ohio and even a former mayor of Jacksonville, FL are on the tour campaigning for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson and city councilwoman Yvonne Harper are on the tour.

They are standing with Mrs. Clinton because they said she is in favor of small businesses and that's the kind of future president Toledoans need.

Councilwoman Harper told 13abc she wants people who live in district four and surrounding areas to know that she believes in Clinton and that they should give Mrs. Clinton a chance just like Toledo gave her a chance.

"Everyone understands that she is very qualified," said Harper. "She's out there for the small people, for the small businesses giving them an opportunity. She's out there for the labor workers so that they can have a prevailing wage."

Former Jacksonville, FL mayor, Alvin Brown, said this election is about the American people. That it's about making sure no matter where you live in Ohio that you would have a president who believes in you.

The four day 17 city bus tour ends on Friday.