Ottawa Hills crafts plan for bow hunt deer cull

Toledo, OH (13abc Action news) - The Village of Ottawa Hills is moving forward with a plan to bow hunt deer in the village.

Voters approved an ordinance in November, giving the village the green light to perform a bow hunt to kill deer.

Supporters of the plan say the village has too many deer and they are destroying vegetation.

Members of city council want to have the bow hunt and need to come up with a plan on how to carry out the process.

They are planning on using experienced archery hunters who volunteer to take part.

Hunters would be screened beforehand.

Village leaders are still working out details on when the hunt would take place, hours of hunting and how many hunters would be taking part.

The Village must follow all hunting regulations set by the ODNR but can also set additonal parameters.

The Service and Environment committee met with the ODNR and a representative from the Metroparks and will spend the next week drafting a plan for the hunt.

You can learn more about the proposal Tuesday, February 2 at 7:30am inside Ottawa Hills Village Chambers.

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