Ottawa Hills to decide on a controlled bow hunt to manage deer population

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OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio (13abc Action News) - "The whole thing is basically, to me, groundless and bogus," Michael Eisenstodt, who's voting against Issue 13 said.

Eisenstodt says it's difficult to understand why there needs to be a deer cull in Ottawa Hills.

Issue 13 would change the village ordinance to allow for a controlled bow hunt to manage the deer population.

Eisenstodt says there's no reason it. For example, he says the deer count is virtually unchanged since 2009. Plus, "deer vehicle accidents have gone down 60% since 2009 and according to the Division of Health, Lyme Disease doesn't originate in Northwest Ohio."

But Issue 13 supporters say it's more than that.

"We, as the dominant species, have to do what's best for not only the deer but also the population," Corey Hupp, Village Councilman told 13abc.

Hupp says it's all about balance. He says there are simply too many deer within the village limits and they cause problems for the rest of the environment and the herd.

"When you see the deer, they're emaciated and they're venturing out to find food that's not in their natural habitat," Hupp said.

There are also safety concerns. Eisenstodt says a bow hunt puts people at risk and could be traumatic for the deer and homeowners.

"When somebody uses a bow and arrow, the deer likely are just going to be wounded," he said.

Hupp says it will be much more controlled. "We will be able to bait the deer, meaning put food out to get the deer to come to an area away from humans, away from houses, and away from populations."

He also says if voters say yes, they'll be able to tailor the program to village needs. There is no plan set in stone, but hunters will need to pass a background check and an accuracy test in order to participate in the program.