Perrysburg Water Test

There is a way to cut down on one of the main sources of food for toxic algae. It's being tested right now at the Perrysburg waste water treatment plant. The process is set up in a greenhouse, and it holds several glass tubes filled with a good algae. That algae loves to "eat" phosphorous and nitrates. Those are the two byproducts of waste water that feed toxic algae in the Lake.

This treatment takes the waste water before it's flushed out into the Maumee River, and runs it through these tubes, where the algae eats the nutrients and cleans the water. It's able to remove 90-percent of the phosphates and 60-percent of the nitrates. The system can process and clean over 15-thousand gallons a day.

Right now, it's a pilot program that will run 90-days in Perrysburg. If the city wants to have the full system installed, it would cost upwards of 10-million dollars. That translates into 7 dollars per household per month.