Petition on grizzly cubs nears 190,000 signatures

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A petition to send orphaned grizzly cubs to a rehabilitation center, rather than the Toledo Zoo is circulating the internet.

Two grizzle bear cubs were orphaned after their mother was killed near Yellowstone. The bear was euthanized after killing a Yellowstone National Park hiker.

The bears were too young to be released back into the wild on their own.

The Toledo Zoo was chosen to house the bears because they have facilities dedicated to the particular species.

Now, a petition has been started that protests the bears' move to the Toledo Zoo.

The petition states:

"We ask you to please reconsider sending Blaze's two orphaned grizzly cubs to a zoo. They have been traumatized enough with the killing of their mother, held in captivity and scared to death. They deserve a decent life. Not condemned to to a life of imprisonment. These innocent babies belong in a rehabilitation center and released back into the wild where they belong. If for some reason, they can't be rehabed, they should go to a reputable sanctuary. Concerned citizens have at least 3 locations already lined up. All you have to do is agree to give them a chance."

The Toledo Zoo released this statement:

"The Toledo Zoo is proud we could provide a home for the grizzly cubs. The welfare of the young bears is our priority. Our Zoo meets and often exceeds AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) and USDA standards for quality animal care and visitor experience. As Zoo residents, the cubs will be cared for by our very qualified animal care team of curators, keepers, veterinarians and support staff. They will also be a part of our extensive enrichment program that is dedicated to encouraging natural behaviors in a sensory rich environment. These cubs are ambassadors for their species, and will help to increase awareness, conservation and education."

As of Tuesday evening, the petition had 188,947 signatures.