"Pi Day, Die Day" is a calculated horror movie

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MAUMEE (13abc Action News) - It's called "Pi Day, Die Day" and it's a math-related movie that adds up to a "slashomedy."

The low-budget flick is billed as a local "thriller-horror-slasher-comedy," as director Michael E. Cullen II puts it.

He shot the movie mostly in Haskins, using all local talent.

"I've done a lot of theater work. That's what my background is," said MaryAnn Mead, one of the movie's actors. "I've never done a movie before. So, that was interesting getting to experience that for the first time."

Cast members are now ready for their closeups.

"It's almost overwhelming to see your finished product in the marquee," added actor Mark Klein. "To see yourself on the big screen with your family and friends, you know. It's like, surreal. It's awesome, though."

Of course, the horror comedy has to play on 3.14. That's become known as Pi Day.

First-time director Cullen wants his movie to become an annual event.

"We're hoping this is a holiday tradition, every Pi Day, that everybody watches it. Everybody gets together with their group of friends, you know, their math nerd friends or whatever, and watch it. Ha ha!"

Remember, it might be a brain teaser, but it's not for the faint of heart.

"Pi Day, Die Day" screens tonight at the Cla-Zel in Bowling Green and Monday at the Maumee Indoor.

Doors open at 6:30PM for both showings.

Tickets are $8.00, $6.00 for students.