Posting vacation pictures on social media can be an invitation for criminals

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Toledo (13abc Action News) - Memorial day kicks off the start of the summer. Police say if you're headed out of town on vacation think twice before you post any pictures. It could be an invitation for criminals.

We've all seen the status updates on Facebook. A friend at a restaurant. A friend on vacation. Police say criminals are smart. They can put two and two together and rob your home.

Amy Heritage isn't traveling this holiday weekend. She says her dog Maggie is a great safety alarm. She says her neighborhood also has a block watch Facebook page.

"I think we have 300 families on the page and people are posting all the time I saw this happening I saw this person on the street and that's been a huge benefit for our neighborhood," said Toledoan Amy Heritage.

Lt. Joe Heffernan says never broadcast when you're leaving or tag friends or fellow vacationers. He says if you want to keep your property safe make sure your house appears as though someone is in it.

"You can maybe have someone park a car in your driveway while you're not home. You can buy timed lighting. Motion lights are a good idea," said Toledo Police Lt. Joe Heffernan.

Toledo police say burglaries in the city are down. In 2013 Toledo recorded 5,357 and 2014 there were 4,691 property crimes. Lt. Joe Heffernan credits the dip in property crimes to community awareness and neighbors looking out for one another. 0Something that Heritage says is working for her West Toledo neighborhood.

"A lot of neighbors have the cameras pointed out to the street and driveways that you can buy at Costco for a couple of hundred dollars. Many families are doing that now in our neighborhood and there's more eyes and more people talking to each other and that makes the biggest difference," said Heritage.

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