Ride of Silence to honor killed cyclists

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - For seven years people in Northwest Ohio have been honoring cyclists who were killed while riding. On Wednesday, they were remembered with a Ride of Silence.

Matthew Billings was one of many honored on Wednesday. He mother Maureen Billings said he was killed when a driver turned in front of a group Matthew was biking with.

"He was killed riding with the Akron Bike Club September 17th of last year," said his mother Maureen Billings.

Maureen said the driver was acquitted in February after he told the courtroom that he couldn't see because of the sun.

"They were doing everything right," said Maureen. They were traveling in a group. They were following all the rules and this guy was texting."

Maureen said she wants drivers to start noticing bikers.

"If one cyclist is not killed and if one family is spared what we've gone through [then] it will be worth it," added Maureen.

Matthew's mother and sister were two among a sea of cyclists riding in silence from the University of Toledo and throughout the city.

"The first stop was at Ottawa Hills High School and that was to remember Dave Larabee," said Keith Webb the organizer of the event.

Larabee was a teacher at Ottawa Hills High School.

Bikers paused at Toledo Children's Hospital to honor Dr. Stephen Snedden. Robert Brundage was remembered at Ottawa Park.

For about eight miles all traveled in a slow procession to honor cyclists.

"I just wanted people to start noticing that bikes have just as a right to be on the roads as cars do," said Maureen.

This is the 7th consecutive year Webb has organized the ride.