Still no answers on who was behind NYC bombing

A police officer escorts an injured man away from the scene of a possible explosion on West 23rd Street in New York. Authorities said dozens suffered minor injuries. (AP Photo/Nico Maounis)
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NEW YORK (AP) - New York City's mayor says an explosion that rocked a Manhattan neighborhood Saturday night was caused by a bomb. But Bill de Blasio said Sunday that authorities don't yet know who made it, who set it off or the motivation behind it.

An explosion on a residential street in the Chelsea neighborhood injured 29 people. All of the injured have been released from the hospital.

Earlier Sunday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the bombing didn't appear to have any link to international terrorism.

A second device was discovered blocks away, removed by a bomb squad robot and is being examined at a police facility.

Investigators want to determine how it was made and whether it is similar to the device that caused the first blast.