Supporters and those against Clinton showed up to Toledo event

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Hundreds of people were ready for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to make an appearance in Toledo.

Individuals who do not support Mrs. Clinton protested nearby the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza where she was speaking on Monday.

Jon Stainbrook, the Lucas County Rep. Party Chairman compared Mrs. Clinton's first visit to Donald Trumps multiple visits to Northwest Ohio.

"Donald Trump has been here twice. He has done two sold out events," said Stainbrook.

While Stainbrook was not interested in hearing Mrs. Clinton speak, her supporters came ready to hear her plan.

"I want to hear about the environment. that's a big thing with me," said one voter.

Barbara Lynn said she wants the presidential candidate to stay true to herself.

"I've been enjoying what I have been hearing from Hillary. How she feels about Economics, how she feels about children, how she feels about women, our planet," said Lynn.

There are 36 days until election day. Like many, one voter is ready for the bashing to be over.

"I'm really tired of that and can't wait until this is over. They've done too much of it. I'm for her obviously. Voted for her husband first time around," said one Hillary supporter.

"I want to focus on what are called kitchen table issues," said Mrs. Clinton. "You know the ones that keep you up at night like the cost of childcare, college, and prescription drugs and so much else."

Haraz Ghanbari, a veteran claimed some vets are not sold on her views.

"They want to make sure there's a commander in chief that has our back at all times," said Ghanbari. "That is going to invest in education needs and that's going to invest in mental heath challenges that some of our veterans are facing when they come home."

Mrs. Clinton outlined her economic plan at the Monday event.

"We have to create more good jobs with rising incomes. That means we have to have good schools in every zip code," added Mrs. Clinton.

"She wants to bring the jobs back instead of outsourcing them to other countries, said one Hilary supporter.

This month is crucial as time ticks until election Tuesday.

"We can't take this election for granted. We really can't," said one voter.