Swanton Township residents fired up about deer cull

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SWANTON (13abc Action News) - Many Swanton Township residents took their questions concerning a Metroparks controlled deer cull to a townhall meeting on Wednesday night. Some residents said they do not want a cull and hunters are frustrated that the animals are being taken from them.

Steve Madewell, Toledo's Metroparks Director said, deer in Ohio have increased over the years. In the 2000's there have been more than 700,000 deer. Some locals said, they just don't believe those numbers are that high anymore.

"You can pay $70,000 to kill these deer, but you can't pay $9,000 for a study. Do a study and show these people where you're at because you're going to be wrong," said one Swanton resident.

One woman asked Madewell specifically if he has been on a deer cull in Oak Openings. He told her he hasn't. However, another Metroparks employee said he traveled along the Swanton deer culls. Madewell told the crowd that 106 deer were killed in two nights in that cull the resident was questioning.

"When you fly over, if it was done yesterday show me the numbers. If it was done last year, but if you're basing it on seven years ago that heard was high," said one resident. "There was a major problem and it wasn't a problem for you back then."

It's not solely that deer are being killed that is causing an uproar in Swanton Township. This hunting community said they do not agree with the process put in place.

"I've worked in a hospital for 25 years," said one resident as she was pointing at a poster with about a dozen beheaded deer on top of each other in a truck. "I have seen more carnage then you can imagine. That ladies and gentlemen is evil. That is pure evil and anybody that thinks that that is a good idea does not deserve to be a public servant."

Brandon Simenski said he doesn't want to be blindsided again after finding out about the cull just recently.

"I would like to see more cooperation with them and the DNR and more transparent," Simenski said. "The DNR shows numbers from year to year and it's right there in black and white and this is their number with fly over's that they've done two years ago."

Madewell said they have been transparent, even reaching out to the media about getting the word out regarding recent culls in Toledo.

"From the get go they are familiar with our estimates, they are familiar with the protocol that we've used to measure the deer so the division of wildlife has done a very good job at trying to suppress the growth of the deer heard and they have a done a very good job at knocking that back so yes there are less deer statewide."

A township trustee said he heard the cull will be this Friday. Stay connected to 13abc to see if or when that cull will actually happen.