TFRD: Tim Ciboro had troubled past with the department

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TOLEDO, Oh (WTVG) - As the allegations of kidnapping and child endangering came out against Timothy Ciboro, 13abc dug deeper to find out who he is.

Turns out, he's a former Toledo firefighter with a not-so-perfect record.

"This one was problematic for us and when it became problematic, we really were diligent to try to do something about it and we did," Chief Luis Santiago said.

The chief says Ciboro was hired in 1996 and then fired in 2000. Following a settlement agreement, he was rehired the following year, only to be terminated, for good, in 2004.

Specifics about what led up to his dismissals hasn't been made available to the public just yet, but Chief Santiago says, "he had quite a history of disciplinary issues on the Toledo Fire Department."

2004 wasn't the last time TFRD had a run in with Ciboro. Shortly after his final termination, he filed lawsuits against the city, the fire department, the fire union, and an arbitrator.

Ciboro claimed he was wrongfully terminated and that Local 92 failed to represent him.

Several years later he claimed he was assaulted by two other firefighters when they responded to an emergency at his fiancee's house.

Both cases were dismissed in court.

Santiago says he's can't comment on what unfolded on Nobel street because it's an ongoing police investigation that involves some very serious charges.

He also says he did work with Ciboro but never knew him on a personal level.