TPS Launches Parent University

Stephanie Grant spent the morning at Grove Patterson looking for courses to help her be a better parent to her 6 year old daughter.
Grant tells 13 ABC, "I think its important because as a parent we always want the best for our kids and whatever we can do to make their life easier for them to grow as a child into adulthood ..its important for us to do that for our kids." Parent University is offering several courses to parents free of charge. It's a collaboration between TPS, Partners in Education and parents.
Parents can take a variety of courses from healthy cooking to positive discipline and that's not all.
TPS Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant tells 13 ABC,"there are going to be over 30 course offerings for parents as well as showing them opportunities to advance their own education whether its a GED or a University...we have what's called UT at they are able to do a lot in the vicinity of the school their child attends."
TPS School board member Chris Varwig says," I wish as a parent when my child was going through the school system, I wish I had classes like this that would help me, it's connecting with other parents It's a judgement free zone...our parents are so essential to what our students do in the classrooms."
It's not too late to register for Parent University Registration is available at