The Force Awakens new frontiers for local artist

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If Star wars is speaks to anyone, it's speaking directly to Brian Rood.

Rood is an artist from the Toledo area.

He's one of the few in the country who creates images for Lucasfilm.

Images such as these for the latest installment, Star wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens.

The first movie in ten years means Rood will be spending a lot more time in a galaxy far, far away.

"I've always done a lot in the Star Wars universe," says Rood. "But now it's just pretty close to my full-time job is just doing Star Wars art."

Rood, who went to Whitmer High School, specializes in fine art portraying pop culture characters from movies and comics.

He studied air brushing at Davis College and still uses both traditional airbrushes and touch-screen ones.

One thing he won't touch: any spoilers about The Force Awakens.

Even Rood, who created more than 100 images for an upcoming storybook of the movie does not know all of its secrets.

"Everything's so light-lipped and everything," said Rood. "They're not putting the official storybook out before the film."

They are putting out merchandise, and a lot what you see in stores features artwork created by Rood.

"From the super, brand-new, cutting-edge, like, got the IPhone 6 cases, but then you go back to when we were kids and you've got the old tin lunchboxes."

In fact, his images are licensed out to so many vendors, even Rood himself can't keep track of it all.

For now, he's just focused on his art, which he creates in his basement studio.

"A lot of people end up saying, 'Aren't you sick of Star Wars?' And I could see why they might think that, but the universe is so big, the Star Wars universe, ranging from the comic books to the movies to the fine art reproductions that I do. And it's such a cool universe because if you're in the mood to do a wild west painting or something like that, you can kind of theme it that way."

Star Wars has also quickly become the theme for Rood, propelling his career forward at light speed.

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