Tiger Ridge Exotics and the state present evidence in courtroom

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (13abc Action News) - The fight continues for the owner and supporters of Tiger Ridge Exotics in Wood County Common Pleas Court.

Thursday, Hetrick's attorney presented examples of permit applications and the time it took the state to approve or deny them. Hetrick's permits were denied and these hearings were an appeal of that decision.

The Hetrick family argue that those denials violated his due process and equal protection rights.

They say they've been singled out unfairly. They say other exotic animal owners were also late with paperwork and applications, but say the ODA worked with those people instead of seizing their animals.

"[There was] a lot of documentation of people applying late for permits, late for registration, late for renewals," Corrina Hetrick, with Tiger Ridge Exotics said. "It's just who they worked with and who they didn't."

A final decision likely won't happen until May.

A spokesperson for the ODA couldn't comment on pending litigation.