Toledo physicians and daughter save women with brain aneurysm

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - A daughter rushed against time to save her mother's life last June.

A brain aneurysm almost took Linda Dunn's life. However, thanks to her daughter, Heather Emrick, and physicians at Toledo's Promedica Hospital she's alive and with a story to tell.

On June 11, 2015 Emrick said her mother called her complaining of a headache and that she was dizzy. So the daughter, who is nurse, said she rushed to help her mother.

Emrick called 911 and her mother was life-flighted from Lima to Promedica.

There doctors helped treat the serious aneurysm until she was discharged.

Heather Emrick said, "she doesn't need a feeding tube, she walks, she talks, [and] she drives. She really had a wonderful recovery and the doctors here and the staff here did a wonderful job."

"I get up every morning and thank I 'm still here," said Dunn. "This is a blessing "

1-in-50 people die from a brain aneurysm and every 18 minutes one ruptures.

Dunn's husband, Edwin Dunn, said she was in a coma and in rehab for 118 days.

Her husband of 47 years is thankful she's alive.