Toledo police cracking down on weight limits on city streets

Toledo, OH (13abc Action news) - The City of Toledo is bringing back commercial code enforcement. Starting at the end of March, two officers and a traffic aid will be cracking down on posted weight limits on Toledo streets for semi truck drivers.

The program was cut back in 2009 after the commercial code enforcement officer retired. The number of officers and budget constraints kept commercial code enforcement officers off the streets for years.

Today the city and police department announced the 2 officers in the traffic division will man the commercial code enforcement van. They will drive around the city along with a civilian traffic aid, cracking down on load limit violators.

Across the city, there are many major roadways that have restrictions on how heavy a vehicle can be. Many roads have load limits are 6,000 lbs, meaning semis are not allowed.

Other roadways throughout the city range from load limits of 10,000lbs to 80,000lbs.

The officers travel with portable scales. They can move a semi driver up to 3 miles from the stop for a full inspection. Scales are put near the wheels, the driver moves the truck on top and a weight comes up on the spot. According to Lt. Jeff Sulewski, the entire traffic stop takes about 1 hour.

If a driver is in violation they receive a traffic ticket and must pay a fine. Fines varies depending on the type of violation and how much over weight they are for the street. Tickets could put their CDL in jeopardy.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral, says bringing back the weight limit enforcement officers will improve the quality of Toledo's streets and ultimately help save taxpayer dollars from funding pothole and sinkhole repairs.

Enforcement is set to begin at the end of March.

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