Toledo water plant gets ready for algae

Toledo, Ohio 70-million dollars in improvements to the Toledo water treatment facility should make water emergencies and water advisories a thing of the past. The treatment plant is getting ready to put a new chlorine facility and a new carbon filtration storage facility on line by the start of summer. These additional facilities will allow the plant to increase its ability to treat the water from one to 4 times.
It lets the plant store more chemicals so they’re readily available. It also let’s operators treat the water a many more spots along the way from the time it enters the plant to the time it goes out to customers.
The plant also has 3 sensor buoys that are placed at the different water intake spots. It allows much more of a “heads-up” about the levels of toxins from algae blooms so workers can adjust the treatments available to clean the water. The improvements are part of a 264-million dollar improvement program.