Two puppies found near death in Toledo are making a remarkable recovery

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Sylvania (13abc Action News) - Two puppies found near death last week are on the road to recovery tonight. They were picked up by Lucas County Canine Care and Control officers over the weekend and then transferred to the Lucas County Pit Crew which is a local rescue group. We want to warn you, some of the video of the little guys may be disturbing.

The puppies are about four months old and they've been named Marco and Polo. They each weigh less than half of what they should.
It will likely be several weeks before they will even have enough energy to play.

Even with several days of healthy eating, after just a few minutes of walking they are ready for a nap. Having said all that, in just a few days they have made a truly remarkable recovery. Amy Roth is a volunteer with the Pit Crew,"They love people, they come right up to you and snuggle in. Amazingly, they trust people. They are so forgiving. Dogs can certainly teach us a lot."

In spite of what they've been through, Amy says Marco and Polo are happy guys, "They are just as sweet as can be they are great little puppies, they love people they love other dogs. They're working on getting healthy now."

Amy is fostering the puppies, "They already look like they've put on weight. I know they're incredibly thin, but they really have made progress. They are good little eaters. They are eating multiple times a day, so their systems can take it. Obviously they were deprived of food for quite some time."

Jean Keating is the founder of the Lucas County Pit Crew. Unfortunately, this kind of case is nothing new, "It is always excruciating to have to see dogs in this condition. Marco and Polo give you that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see them walk. Their little hips are sticking out and it looks so painful. They do however look better than they did just two days ago, which is really scary.that tells you just how skinny they were."

Because of their lack of food, Amy says Marco and Polo have some issues with their legs, "When you look at them walk they have duck feet. Their toes are splayed and that's a sign of poor nutrition. Over time with good nutrition and lots of love it will get better."

Keating says the pups are also being treated for upper respiratory infections and Marco has injuries on his legs, "It really makes your heart hurt seeing the little ones like that. Hopefully a happy ending is right around the corner! Oh absolutely. I think they will bounce back quickly and in 6-8 weeks they'll be running around like normal pups on the adoption floor."

A lot of people, like Amy are working to make that happen, "We'll take good care of you and then find you the best forever homes!" It's believed Marco and Polo are brothers. Once they are given a clean bill of health, they will be up for adoption through the Pit Crew.

Although it is not clear how the puppies ended up in this condition, If you have a dog you can't take care of or know someone else who does, Keating says it's important to know there's a lot of help available in our community. In addition to shelters and rescue groups, Humane Ohio runs a free pet food bank.

We've posted links to some of the resources at the top of this story.