Colorado mom wants answers about daughter's missing body

Credit: Rene Jackson
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Lea Porter’s mother, Rene Jackson, just wants to know where her daughter’s body is.

“Every day I try to keep Lea’s name out there...we’re still searching for her," said Porter.

Nineteen-year-old Lea disappeared in June of 2014. She had been visiting a man named Christopher Waide at his apartment in Westminster. At first, Waide denied any wrongdoing.

"Overall I just want her to be safe," said Waide in an exclusive interview with KCNC's Jennifer Brice "I don't have really many friends, but the friends I do have I'm very loyal to. So even losing one is a heavy blow for me."

It was a recorded confession that later led to his arrest and conviction. But it never led to a body.

"It got him arrested, it didn’t give us a clue as to where Lea is," said Jackson. "I know that he killed her. But you know, because we don’t have Lea, we don’t know exactly what he did to her."

In the victim impact statement she read at the sentencing, Jackson says she told the judge Waide admitted to police he choked Lea, that she fell to the floor and landed on a knife. Then he put her body in duffel bag and left it in dumpster. Police searched landfills for 40 days and only found some of her items.

Earlier this month, Waide was sentenced to more than 50 years in prison.

"I don't think that he got enough time," said Jackson outside of the courtroom. "I wish he would have gotten life; if you take a life, you should get life."

Jackson said she will never stop searching for her daughter. She saying finding her body would give her some closure.

Jackson hopes in coming together with other moms whose children are missing, they will persuade anyone who can help find them to come forward.

"We want to know where our children are," Jackson said. "They’re our children. We brought them into this world and we don’t know where they are.”