Walmart Angel pays off layaways in Perrysburg

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(Toledo) 13 ABC Action News An angel was known for stalking the toy aisle at this Walmart in Perrysburg looking for people to bless with gift cards.
Until one day, He decided He wanted to do it big.
This angel is John Sayre from Blessings in Disguise. He says,
"My father always said your mission in life is to put a smile on someone's face each and every day and if you do that you've done your mission as an organization we do that every time we touch somebody." Blessings in Disguise is a non profit organization that blesses people all year long.
Sayre says, "Our mission is to provide financial assistance to people who don't qualify for government assistance, I was a victim of that in 1993 and I said then I would pay it forward." So instead of just hanging out in the toy aisle, John decided he to pay off 1700 in layaways Tuesday.
Aimee Chafins is the store manager. She says, "A father had lost his job and was going to cancel his layaway with the exception of one dollhouse and is now available to provide Christmas for his entire family." Sayre says, "A lot of people we deal with have been laid off like the other lady she whispered in my ear I can't believe this is happening I just got laid off a month ago."
Sayre says there's something magical about making sure kids have toys at Christmas. He says,
"It was the most surreal experience of my life and I got in my car and called my mother, guess what I did it was the most incredible feeling I ever had in my life."
Businesses like Venturas, Absolute World Wide Logistics, and Foodie cards are all sponsors who made this layaway magic happen.
but Sayre says we all have something to give. He says "I say the next time you want to grab that box of chew, or you're thinking about those Jimmy Choos, or Prada or Michael Kors, think about somebody who has 4 kids that are each going to get one toy for Christmas this year, because you can make a difference."
You can support Blessings in Disguise in a number of ways. You can purchase Foodie cards or become a corporate sponsor. The non profit organization is looking for 32 sponsors to adopt 32 lanes at a bowling fundraiser this summer. To learn more about Blessings in Disguise get connected to