Water filtration system uses nature to fight harmful toxins

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The algal blooms in Lake Erie have some people looking for other drinking water options.One of the options out there is a gravity-fed, filtration system The technology is decades old but it's getting a lot of new attention as the water concerns continue in our region.

The drinking water filtration system sits right on a counter and all you have to do is add water to the top of it and a teaspoon of minerals.
Dr. Nickalis Dumas is one of the owners of Advanced Water Systems of Ohio,"You take everyday tap water and put it in the top container.There is no electricity used, it is all gravity fed."

You then add a teaspoon of minerals, called Auro minerals to the water, "Gravity will draw it through the little round ball which is ceramic.It is a very fine filtration system that gets out things like chlorine, fluorine, cyanobacteria and it goes into the bottom holding tank and you have perfect drinking water."

Dr. Dumas' mom Peggy has been using the system for a decade, 'When I put this water in my body I feel better, I am more energized and I know I am drinking pure water. I have seen the testing done right in front of me and I like the idea that I am taking control of what I put in my body."

Gardy Bandfield is the President of Advanced Water Systems of Ohio, the company the sells the product. He says the minerals they use are part of nature's own defense against toxins in the water, "The minerals have the ability to activate the oxygen in the water and make things that are toxic or harmful inert."

Bandfield says the system is a cost-effective alternative to bottled water, "The filtration unit and a 32 ounce bottle of the minerals which will treat about 250 gallons of water cost $250. So when you break down the cost it adds up to about 40 cents per gallon."

Bandfield says the technology has been tested at an environmental protection agency certified lab. During the testing he says they added a huge amount of microcystin to the water, "We spiked it at 10 parts per billion. We put the minerals in and let them flow through the water and the toxins came back non-detectable."