Talks with GM doesn't produce answers on Lordstown plant's future

FCA withdraws merger proposal to Groupe Renault

Renault board continues to discuss merger offer from FCA

US agency probes effectiveness of 2014 GM seat belt recall

Local dealer talks about proposed FCA-Renault merger

Driving in bad weather: hazard lights on or off?

Fiat Chrysler recalls vans

Ford adds 270,000 cars to recall for unintended rollaways

Paralyzed California man wins "Jeep Freedom", wants to race Baja 500

GM announces major investment at Toledo plant

Honda slows Accord production in Ohio as buyers shift to SUVs

Industry experts talk about autonomous vehicles at Toledo seminar

Michigan offering pro team license plates

Mazda recalls nearly 190K cars due to failing wipers

Jeep's Launch Edition Gladiator sells out in one day

Toledo built Jeep Gladiator goes on sale Thursday

Ohio State collects most money from specialty license plates

GM invests more than $670 million in two new products at Toledo plant

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