Fields gets life plus 419 years on state charges

Michigan man gets nearly 4 years for stalking in Minnesota

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Ohio Legionnaires' outbreak

Flint will hear from prosecutors who dropped water charges

Hearing set for death row inmate with overturned conviction

Wood county man sentenced on child pornography charges

State, Planned Parenthood seek delay in Ohio abortion case

Lucas county issues instructions for Monday jury duty

Sheriff charged with releasing confidential abuse reports

Bill expands sealing of records of low-level drug offenders

Ottawa County rescue workers sued over fatal 2017 crash

Burkett pleads not guilty to vehicular assault charges

Work Release Housing has a huge mold problem

Maumee Court records show that OVI charge against Burkett dismissed

Nassar's ex-boss at MSU not guilty of sexual misconduct; convicted of other charges

Anthony Haynes accused of assaulting two more minors in court papers

Mail carrier sentenced for stealing parcels containing marijuana

Closing arguments end in trial of ex-Michigan State dean

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