Severe storms possible for Thursday

Winter Weather Advisories in effect Friday

SEVERE T-STORM UPDATE: Watches canceled for area

Getting School'd: Entertain your kids with Meteorologist Ross Ellet and the science of weather

SNOW UPDATE from the 13abc First Warning Storm Team

Current list of snow emergencies by county

SNOW UPDATE: Snow remains in the forecast

Quiet season turns busy for ODOT

Current list of snow emergencies by county

Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain Update

Rough waters on Lake Erie, but no ice

Some Toledo golf courses open this weekend

Coping with the longest stretch of overcast skies since 2015

Warmer winter may bring more bugs in spring

SATURDAY'S WEATHER: Snow, ice and rain

Bracing for the season's biggest snowfall so far

Weather Forecast: Heavy rain, gusty winds and a 30° temp drop

Bracing for potential basement flooding

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