Waterspouts form over Lake Erie Wednesday

Study shows tornadoes increasing in states including Ohio and Michigan

Frost likely Tuesday & Thursday morning

Florida officials fear Michael’s death toll will rise

Tyndall Air Force Base sustains 'catastrophic' damage from Hurricane Michael

Curtice man helps in Florence, Michael recovery

Warm spell is delaying fall color

Local couple may have to postpone wedding because of Hurricane Michael

Supercharged overnight, Hurricane Michael menaces Florida

Big temperature changes late week

Three Tornadoes Confirmed on Tuesday Evening (Two in Monroe County, One in Wayne County)

Severe threat ending overnight

Summer of 2018 was hot, but not record breaking

Warm nights could delay fall color

Florence death toll swells to at least 17 as rivers rise

Curfew in place in New Bern, North Carolina

485 rescued from one N.C. city

Rain pours on Carolinas, five dead

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