We’re Expecting...Kittens!

A photo of 3 kittens, one is yawning.

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Kitten season already?! 🐱

Believe it or not, THS is starting to see an influx of pregnant cats and orphaned kittens come through our doors, and our Foster Department needs YOUR help to fill our nursery with items to care for them! 💖

Throughout the week of March 19th, THS will be asking donors to place their donations from our kitten wishlists in our new nursery and help us fill the whole room up! 🐾

Young kittens require more care and specialized items to help them grow into the happiest, healthiest kittens they can be! Your generosity plays such a massive role in helping us save lives!

As soon as our expansion is complete, we will be inviting the community back for some exclusive tours of our building and new expansion that was made possible by some very kind, passionate donors.

🛒Amazon: https://a.co/9a9aUPH

🧸Chewy: https://www.chewy.com/g/toledo-humane-society_b74263077

💜 Online donation: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/thsevents