Biden makes first northwest Ohio campaign stop of 2020

Speaking out on violence
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 5:51 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Former Vice President Joe Biden made his first campaign appearance of the 2020 election season Monday in Northwest Ohio.

This as so many eyes move toward Ohio in a tightly contested Presidential election.

Biden went back in time a bit, talking about the recession of 2008. He said the Obama-Biden policies got the country out of trouble and can do it again.

In the parking lot of UAW Local 14, Biden doubled down on his backing of the auto bailout during the Obama administration. He says he’d invest in new electric vehicles while still needing transmissions from places like Toledo, saying the UAW would lead on that.

His investment plan would expand capacity for new technology. He also said he’d stand up to China on trade. He said he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000.

All this while challenging the policies of President Donald Trump.

“He turned his back on you and I promised I will never do that. That’s why my ‘Build Back Better’ plan is built around a simple concept. It’s time to reward work not wealth,” said Biden.

Biden touted his UAW roots and threw his support behind unions and collective bargaining.

“When you see an abuse of power, there’s only one way to respond to it and that’s with power and the only power we have to take on corporate America is union power,” said Biden.

The former Vice President slammed also President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, calling the President reckless and said a “President Biden” would be honest with the American people.

“We don’t panic. America doesn’t panic but Trump panicked. His reckless personal behavior since his diagnosis has been unconscionable,” said Biden.

On the economy, Biden says his recovery plans would include investing in electric vehicles, expanded capacity to modern technology, and more union and manufacturing jobs. As Biden sees a path forward, the Trump campaign hears more of the same.

“Nothing, nothing, nothing is beyond the capacity of the United States of America. I mean that. We’re the only country in the world that comes out of every crisis stronger than we went in,” said Biden.

The Trump campaign responded to Biden’s visit in Toledo.

“He’s a committed corporate globalist for decades in Washington DC. To be specific he’s been one of the principal architects of terrible trade deals that have been awful for American workers especially in the industrial heartland,” said Steve Cortes, senior adviser to President Trump.

A poll from Baldwin Wallace University says Vice President Biden trails President Trump by two points in Ohio. Republicans have always argued that surveys like this undersample Republicans.

The president won Ohio by eight points, so Democrats know they have their work cut out for them.

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