Facebook impostor pretends to be pro wrestler

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Another reminder to be cautious about the person you’re talking to online. One Toledo family learned this lesson the hard way after thinking they were talking to a professional wrestler.

That 9-year-old just wanted to talk to her favorite WWE wrestler Carmella. So she found what appeared to be Carmella's real name, put it into Facebook and a person popped up.

It's clear now it wasn't the wrestler but someone who had probably tried this scam a few other times.

The Facebook messages started cordially and casually, making this 9- year-old Toledo girl think she'd located her wrestling hero.

"She said "Ma I found Carmella.' I was like what do you mean you found her? She said 'I'm talking to her.' I'm cooking, I ain't paying her no mind," said Tiffany Forbes, that 9-year-old's mother.

As the conversation went on, the child was offered a chance to meet Carmella in Australia by entering a contest. The person on the other end of the Facebook conversation then wanted a bank account or credit card to enter that contest. The child went for Forbes' purse.

"Why are you getting my credit card? 'Carmella asked me for it.' That's when I grabbed the phone and said, 'No,’” said Forbes.

Forbes examined the messages and realized this was not a wrestler. No real celebrity would be asking a child or a mom for money.

"Why would she want my credit card? She's Carmella. She's probably got tons of credit cards. She don't need mine," said Forbes.

When you locate someone randomly on Facebook, you can never be sure who's on the other end.

"For them to do that, to portray themselves as somebody they're not to innocent children, that bothers me," said Forbes.