Donnell Middle School students raise thousands for Hancock County Humane Society

The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County are getting help from the youngest of allies.
The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County are getting help from the youngest of allies.
Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 9:01 PM EDT
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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - Hard work and generosity from students from Donnell Middle School is translating to major cash to care for the community’s four-legged creatures.

“I just felt like we needed to help out,” said 7th grader Reece Stillies.

“We got to all work together and we got to come up with ideas together and share our thoughts,” said 7th grader Natalie Gutman.

Students in Mr. Wilson’s homeroom class created a “Pandemic” kindness campaign. The teens sent cards to nursing homes, thanked front-line workers, and raised money for animals in need. The 7th graders donated $3,388.36 to the Hancock County Humane Society and SPCA. The fundraiser entitled “Dollars 4 Dogs”, ran from the 22nd of February, through the 5th of March. The students say they hope to help all of the animals at the Humane Society have a better life through their efforts.

“It was defiantly our choose to do this,” said 7th grader Annabelle Berg. “We didn’t have to or anything, so it makes me feel good that we did it and helped out everyone.”

Hancock County Humane Society Operations Manager Natalie Reffit explains the money will be used to vaccinate animals at the shelter for months to come. Staff will also use the money to purchase food, toys, bedding, and medication for all the animals.

“I think when I was in the 7th grade I was playing with Barbies.... definitely not fundraising, so thank you, thank you very much,” said Reffit. “It definitely shows compassion, it defiantly shows an understanding and sense of caring. It’s something bigger than themselves like we’re working together as a community, it’s really awesome.”

“It teaches empathy and that’s not something you typically do in a classroom,” said Homeroom Teacher Mike Wilson.

Mr. Wilson says the actions of his students taught him a very valuable lesson, while the campaign taught his students a new way of looking at life.

“I just learned how generous they are, and not just my class but the entire school,” said Mr. Wilson.

“This defiantly changed my mind in what to do with my life,” said 7th grader Reece Stillies.

“It makes me know that I can change something, and help out too,” said 7th grader Natalie Gutman.

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