Toledo Edison embarks on massive infrastructure project to protect power in storms

Improvements to the region’s electrical grid will impact over 40,000 community members.
Improvements to the region’s electrical grid will impact over 40,000 community members.
Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 5:48 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - One of the region’s most massive construction projects won’t take place on the ground. Instead, progress is being made on improving what’s above.

“Our infrastructure has served us well for many years but we have identified some opportunities to replace some of our equipment with new technology and new power lines that will serve our customers best in any type of weather condition,” says Toledo Edison Spokesperson Lauren Siburkis.

Toledo Edison’s efforts to modernize its power grid system have put 350 field employees to work across Toledo, Sylvania, and Holland as part of the group’s 3-year $76 million dollar construction campaign. By enhancing electrical lines, Toledo Edison employees expect power systems to withstand whatever weather comes our way.

“So while we can’t eliminate the possibility of an outage occurring due to elements out of our control like severe weather, we can take steps to minimize the length and width of outages when they do occur,” says Siburkis.

Part of that upgrade involves the installation of Auto Re-Closing Devices, which are capable of doing the work of electrical staff.

“These are devices that work like the circuit breakers in your home,” explains Siburkis. “They shut off power when trouble occurs but with the added benefit of automatically restoring a power line in seconds for many customers.

The company believes the investment will limit the need for crews to risk their lives operating on lines during dangerous conditions, while also speeding up the needs and wants of customers.

“So this is really beneficial for customers who live in hard to access or rural areas because it takes the time out of sending a crew there to the area to restore the powers,” says Siburkis.

Toledo Edison laid the groundwork for this project last year and is slated to have all electrical improvements made by 2022.

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