Fostoria family searches for closure, justice in 13-year-old cold case murder

FOSTORIA, Ohio (13abc Action News) - It has been a long and difficult 13 years for the family of Tina Snyder.

"We just want people to know that she's still thought of," said Snyder's sister Becky Rice.

Back in 2004, Snyder, 43, was found murdered in the bathtub of her Fostoria apartment.

Police told Snyder's family she was strangled to death with speaker wire.

"[The murderer] just killed her and then left her there…like she was nobody," said Rice.

On Sunday, Snyder's family gathered at her grave to remember her on the anniversary of her murder.

"I love her and I wish to God that she didn't have to go [that] way," said Rice.

Over the years, Snyder's family says police have searched for suspects and evidence, but have come up empty handed. Tina's murder had turned into a cold case.

"That's the hardest part—is us not getting justice," said Snyder's niece Christina Bowers. "We can't have closure without justice."

After 13 years of searching for answers, the grieving family hopes someone will speak out and help solve Tina's murder once and for all.

"Speak up, say something," said Rice. "We all deserve to know why and for what reasons. I just want it solved so my family can rest and she can rest."