Restaurant Report Card: 2.8.18 Kira Japanese Steakhouse

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - If you watched this week's Restaurant Report Card on 13abc, you saw there were ten restaurants with ten or more health code violations.

The top three were featured on our televised segment.

Continuing our effort to keep you and your family safe while dining out, all ten restaurants are listed below, including the results from each Standard Health Inspection and any Follow-Up Health Inspections.

Mail Pouch Saloon
02 W Main St, Haskins
Standard Inspection 24-Jan-2018 5 critical & 5 non-critical (6 corrected during inspection)

Billy V's II DBA Devour
159 Superior St, Rossford
Follow-up Inspection 1-Feb-2018 0 critical & 3 non-critical
Standard Inspection 24-Jan-2018 4 critical & 6 non-critical

Dba Koreana Restaurant
1423-29 Bernath Parkway, Toledo
Follow-up Inspection 23-Jan-2018 0 critical & 2 non-critical
Standard Inspection 9-Jan-2018 6 critical & 4 non-critical

The Fairways Bar & Grille
8256 W Central Avenue, Toledo
Standard Inspection 25-Jan-2018 3 critical & 10 non-critical (4 corrected during inspection)

Fat Fish Blue Home of The Funny Bone
6140 Levis Commons BLVD, Perrysburg
Standard Inspection 26-Jan-2018 4 critical & 7 non-critical (1 corrected during inspection)

25818 N Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg
Follow-up Inspection 26-Jan-2018 1 critical & 6 non-critical
Standard Inspection 24-Jan-2018 7 critical & 10 non-critical

Tokyo Express, LLC
10013 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg
Follow-up Inspection 26-Jan-2018 2 critical & 1 non-critical
Standard Inspection 25-Jan-2018 6 critical & 10 non-critical

That brings us to our top 3, as seen on television.

Fortune Inn Restaurant, 6725 W Central Avenue, Toledo, is in the plaza at McCord and Central in Sylvania Township. It had a Standard Health Inspection 29-Jan-2018 from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department that ended with 13 Violations (4 critical & 9 non-critical ). 2 of those were corrected during the inspection.

Among the violations:

X Mushrooms, corn, sprouts sitting out at room temperature.
X Mixer, food containers, thermometer are dirty.
X Chemical spray bottles stored near/above clean containers.

13abc spoke with an employee at Fortune Inn over the phone. She said the manager was not there. We have yet to hear back.

China House at 2112 N Holland Sylvania Road, Toledo on 30-Jan-2018 had 14 Violations (4 critical & 10 non-critical). That includes 4 non-critical violations corrected during the inspection.

Those violations included:

X Raw chicken stored above beef in walk-in cooler.
X Ready-to-eat foods were not properly date marked.
X Utensils and surfaces not sanitized at the required frequency.

In response, a manager from China House told 13abc over the phone, "We've corrected almost everything by now. By our next inspection, it should all be fixed. We take the health inspections seriously."

Finally, Kira Japanese Steakhouse, 3324 Secor Road, Toledo, on 25-Jan-2018 had 19 violations (7 critical & 12 non-critical). 3 non-critical violations were corrected during the inspection.

Some of the violations were:

X Employee multi tasking with same pair of gloves and did not change.
X Crab rangoon observed at 45F (INSTEAD OF 41)
X Build up on shields of ice machines.

13abc sent a message through Kira's website. We're still waiting for a reply.