Real-life superhero: 7-year-old Monroe boy saves mom

Thinking fast in a crisis, Wyatt Muslin’s heroic actions saved his mother from a medical emergency
Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 3:01 PM EDT
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MONROE, Mich. (WTVG) - Thanks to the pandemic, there has been a dearth of superheroes flying into theaters to fill our imaginations, but some heroes are a little closer to home. In Monroe, Michigan, a real-life hero is a 7-year-old who saved his mom when she was attacked by a dog.

“I ended up going to the hospital by ambulance with several very serious bites," said Jennifer Muslin. "Thankfully, I got help right away because my 7-year-old knew what to do.”

Jennifer and Wyatt play with their current foster dog.
Jennifer and Wyatt play with their current foster dog.(Jack Bassett)

That quick-thinking 7-year-old is Wyatt. When his mom, who is an avid dog lover and frequently fosters dogs, was attacked by one of those fosters, Wyatt jumped into action. Jennifer is a severe type-1 diabetic and she taught her son what to do if she was ever unresponsive and in need of help. After she was attacked, Muslin was stuck in her home’s basement not able to move. Dripping in blood, scared, and not able to get away, Jennifer called out for help.

“I remember my mom yelling up and I thought it was either diabetes acting up or the dog trying to attack my mom," said Wyatt.

Wyatt says he was playing on his tablet at the time he heard his mom’s voice and remembers slamming the screen to the ground, sprinting to his neighbor’s house, and getting them to call 911.

“I was quick like Flash," said Wyatt, referring to the DC Comics superhero who can move faster than a bolt of lightning.

Within minutes of Wyatt’s actions, paramedics from the Monroe Community Ambulance Service rushed his mom away to a nearby hospital. Jennifer explains once she was reunited with her son it was a special moment she won’t forget.

“I just told him you did the right thing, you helped mommy, and you saved the day, and we’re so proud of you and I’m so glad we have this plan and this is why we do it," said Jennifer.

Jennifer proudly calls her son her hero, but she is not the only one to honor Wyatt’s for his heroics. Monroe Comunity Ambulance Service was so impressed by Wyatt’s quick thinking that the first responders on the scene the day of his mother’s accident honored him with a life-saving award, an honor that reinforces Wyatt’s hero status.

“It was really cool for him, I think it was validating because it was someone other than mom and dad saying you did right, you did a great job, it was the professionals who were really proud," said Jennifer.

The Muslin family stands proudly together as one in their front yard.
The Muslin family stands proudly together as one in their front yard.(Jack Bassett)

Wyatt says that his school friends have been quite impressed with his new lifesaver title, but nothing tops the feeling of saving his superhero.

“I love my mom even more than the last number on earth," said Wyatt.

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