Dog killed on a walk

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 11:54 PM EDT
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When Kevin Zapiecki took his family's Yorkie for a walk Wednesday night he had no idea the horror that would happened a couple streets away.

While walking down Cloverdale Road he tried to move out of the way of a much larger dog that was also on a walk in the opposite direction on the same sidewalk. The leashes twisted and his dog quickly lost its life in a brief, vicious attack.

"Then she just walked down the street and just left while my dog was laying here bleeding," said Kevin Zapiecki.

Kevin's mom Pam owns the Yorkie named Ivey. "in this neighborhood there's a lot of children here, lot of people have dogs and walk them, what do you when a dog that size, she was holding on to the dog and it dragged her, there's something wrong with that dog, there's something wrong with that lady that she could actually walk away from something like that," said Pam Zapiecki,

Lucas County Canine Care and Control is aware of the case and does know where the dog lives. It will be classified dangerous which means it will be monitored by LC4.